Blind Spot

by Ilinap on November 15, 2010

Tragedy strikes on every corner, but you never expect it in your own driveway.

Have you ever lost sight of your toddler for even just one second? I have.

Can you see every inch of space around and behind you when you back up your car? I can’t.

Kids and cars are a lethal combination. Heck, people and cars are a lethal combination. In America our cars are getting bigger, while our laws to protect us from those big cars aren’t evolving quickly enough. Like with so many industries, our laws can’t keep up with demand, and lobbying and bellyaching and money squandering are rampant. I drive a small SUV so I’m not just speaking to the Tahoes and Yukons and Hummers out there. Any one of us could accidentally hit a child in our own driveway. We could check all three of our mirrors, turn to check our blindspot, and still make a fatal error. No amount of vigilance can save us from something we cannot see. 50 children a week are backed over in the United States. Fifty.

Such is what shook a family in our community recently.

My heart aches for this family. Like with so much sadness that involves children, I cannot even open my brain enough to fully grasp the horror this family is immersed in. My prayers go to them as I selfishly squeeze my children tighter and linger a bit longer with them at bedtime, committing the taste of their wet kisses to memory.

Rear sensory devices should be standard in all vehicles, especially SUVs and station wagons. They are basic safety devices no different than seat belts and airbags. You tell me what’s more important America, saving lives or saving a buck?

For more information, check out the very informative site Kids and Cars. You can read more about non-traffic accidents and the legislation proposed to keep our children safe.

And when you kiss your children good night tonight, include this Raleigh family in your prayers.

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Christy November 16, 2010 at 11:53 AM

We had the same thing happen in our community this summer. A 2-year old girl was killed when she ran into the neighbor’s driveway as he was backing out.


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