Moms +SocialGood is a one-day event dedicated to empowering mothers around the world to create a better future for themselves and their families.

I’m thrilled beyond measure to be speaking at the event this year. I’ll be in New York today at the New York Times Center. What an opportunity to connect the Global Moms community to leading experts, notable philanthropists, and a worldwide audience! We will be talking about the challenges facing moms and kids everywhere.

There are certain universal truths to motherhood, after all.



Your Car Is a Weapon

by Ilinap on May 3, 2016


I was admittedly swept up in a moment of vanity as I was checking my hair in the rearview mirror at the red light. Tiny wisps had been dragging between the space between my glasses and my eyelids so I was doing a quick finger comb. I was sweeping my hair off my face when the light was changing from red to green. It’s known to be a short light in town anyway and it’s at an intersection that is always busy. It’s an intersection surrounded by stately homes with well manicured lawns and vibrant garden beds to envy.

In my moment of vanity the light changed. I made the green light. You did not. You honked and flipped me off. I looked up and gave you the driver’s etiquette wave and a sorrowful smile indicating my apology. I felt bad I made you miss the short green light. But lo and behold, you in your white minivan ran that red light and zoomed right up close my car on the driver’s side. I was in the right lane and you were in the left. You cut me off from the left lane and ripped into the right to make a dangerous right turn, swerving this way and that. I slammed on my brakes, my son lurching forward in his seat. In your anger you broke the law, running a red light and crossing a lane of traffic to make an illegal turn. You were that mad at me for a short lapse that was more annoyance than catastrophe. My actions had not endangered anyone.

Let me recap:

I was checking my hair. (Guilty as charged for letting vanity distract me.)

The light was red.

I didn’t know you were in a rush. How could I?

I apologized to you immediately when I noticed what I had done.

You didn’t give a shit, blasting your way right up next to my car, this close to scraping the sides.

In truth, we almost collided.

My 10-year old son was in the car with me!

And why? Because you were in a rush? Because you were simply pissed I made you wait? Is that your life’s greatest injustice?

Are you one of those people who honks when someone stops at a crosswalk to let a pedestrian cross? Are you the one driver who never pulls over and stops for emergency vehicles? You likely live near my neighborhood. We likely shop at the same grocery store and will see each other again. I know your car, the white minivan with the private school crest and YMCA stickers on the back. Your actions today were not befitting the brand of either. In fact, I’d say your actions today deem you unworthy to claim affinity to those organizations. In your fit of anger and impatience you used your car as a weapon. And what if you had hit me? Would you have felt better, relieved? My kid was in my car, lady. He didn’t cause you to miss the light, yet you endangered him today. This I won’t easily forget. You left us both shaken. Next time you’re driving in a fit of rage (warranted or not), let this be a reminder to slow down and chill out.

Your car is a weapon.


Prince, My Soundtrack

April 23, 2016

  The collective gasp heard ‘round the world on Thursday must be what it sounds like when doves cry. I get weepy, even more so than usual. My sons think I’m nuts. I sniveled in carpool, wiping snot on my sleeve and thanking the sun for warranting dark glasses as I pulled up to the […]

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On Flattery

April 20, 2016

When is a compliment earnest and when is it unsavory? In the last few weeks I’ve been approached by strangers (all men) to tell me they like my dress or I carry myself well or that I must have a “lucky fella” at home. I was even told in the airport, “Don’t take this wrong. […]

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Food Bank is Vital to Our Community

April 19, 2016

There are two things that are important to me – my kids and other kids. Feeding families, whether my own or others, is always top of mind. Food is about so much more than sustenance. Our dinner table is the nucleus of our family, yet many families don’t have that luxury. I volunteer as a […]

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One North Carolina Dad’s Thoughts on HB 2

April 18, 2016

My friend Matt penned this post that I wanted to share here. You’ll read his words and see that he’s a man bursting with integrity and compassion. Matt is my people. Read on and you’ll see why.   I am a dad. And, like most dads, I want to protect my children. I want to […]

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Waxing about Waxing

April 4, 2016

I am not a fussy, high maintenance kind of girl. The one thing I do routinely to tend to myself and my grooming is get my brows waxed. I was born with the most unfortunate unibrow, and it took me well into adulthood to learn that I could actually do something about it. I suppose […]

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ISO Some Perfect Things

March 23, 2016

I’m straying from my political rants and activism for a moment. I have some pressing issues that are much more superficial in nature. Hey, I’m human. This humanity innately makes me a hypocrite too. I grapple with my own shortcomings and hypocrisy. How am I going to save the world while I also covet designer […]

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Growth Mindset and Politics

March 22, 2016

There is a paradox in how we talk about politics and how we talk about raising children. There’s a lot of chatter in schools about growth mindset these days. We encourage our children to focus on how they can re-channel negativity to think about what they can accomplish rather than wallow in what they cannot do. […]

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Civics and Civility: Political Paradigm in America

March 17, 2016

As my children grow more in tune with the political process, it gets tougher and tougher to help them make sense of this world of ours. They ask to stay up late to watch the debates, both Republican and Democratic, and we oblige. Twelve year old Bird reads the headlines on his phone every morning. […]

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