Organic Wine That’s Good – 5:00 Fridays TM

by Ilinap on November 21, 2014


I stumbled across a wine at last night’s Cameron Village holiday open house. Ten Thousand Villages, one of my favorite places to find unique, meaningful gifts, has a license to sell a variety of wine through Saturday, November 22. This is a small window of opportunity to check out some fair trade and organic wine. I’ve tried plenty of organic wine, and sadly, it was awful. Look, I don’t pretend to know anything about wine. All I know is what my taste buds tell me.

The Latue tempranillo was a hit! At only eleven bucks, it’s also a steal. It goes well with poultry, so stock up for you Thanksgiving feast. Did I mention the 20% case discount?

The Latue label is particularly cool because it’s a cooperative of growers, with each grower owning a stake in the business. In true Ten Thousand Villages spirit, this is the sort of company I like to support. You can find this at your local wine shop to grab some Latue tempranillo after the Ten Thousand Villages license is history.


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Never Too Old for Hand Turkeys

by Ilinap on November 19, 2014




The (Thanks)Giving Tree

November 18, 2014

Tweet Fall is perhaps my favorite season in North Carolina. The crisp leaves crunch underfoot, and sometimes when I sit in the living room and peer out the window into the park it looks like it’s snowing leaves. I heave a sigh and am thankful it’s just leaves.  This time of year I start hyperventilating [...]

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Handmade in Raleigh is Growing

November 17, 2014

Tweet You might have noticed a new feature I started on my blog called “Handmade in Raleigh.” I want to celebrate this town we have made home and start to debunk some of the, well, gunk that people think of our fair city. It seems that every time we travel out of state and tell [...]

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Fall Into Place – 5:00 Fridays TM

November 14, 2014

Tweet   You’ll note the darkening of colors in 5:00 Fridays as the heat blasting from Mother Nature turns to heat blasting indoors. Bourbon is my preferred curl-up-and-chill drink. If fall had a flavor it would incontrovertibly be bourbon. All you pumpkin spice fanatics have it all wrong (Unless, of course, you are adding bourbon [...]

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Great American Smokeout, Where Quitting is Winning

November 13, 2014

Tweet He was wheelchair bound but embraced the role of Fun Grandpa. He gave the boys wheelchair rides, succumbing to pleas of “Roll me in your lap, Grandpa!” I remember when his lap grew too small to tote both boys at the same time. The boys felt like they were whizzing around a track, though [...]

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Faith in Fall

November 12, 2014

Tweet   North Carolina in the fall is a pageantry of riches. The tapestry of colors makes you audibly swoon in awe. The other day when I was driving home from school with Bird I remarked that the brilliance of fall colors makes me see a higher power in vivid color before my very eyes. [...]

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Cecilia Rawlins Fund – Handmade in Raleigh

November 10, 2014

Tweet The laws of science can be attributed to moms. Moms keep us grounded. Moms make the world go ’round. In 2010 a group of moms and the school social worker met to address hunger issues among our school’s children. With a focus on raising students’ academic success and an identifiable link between hunger and [...]

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Bird & Deal’s Toy Gift Guide

November 6, 2014

Tweet I’ve been delighted to have my marketing consulting and blogging worlds intersect in the aisles of Stone’s Education & Toys. This is our very own locally owned wonder emporium. Visiting the store is fabulous fun for all ages, and it’s always a chore to get my boys to scoot out the door. Stone’s offers [...]

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A New Generation of Jaded Future Voters

November 5, 2014

Tweet Congratulations, America! You’ve just jaded a new generation of pint-sized doubters and skeptics! When my sons woke up this morning they proclaimed it was a glorious day…not because of election results, for we are not feeling so glorious about that. They were raising their child-size fists in the air because there will be no [...]

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