Highway of Raising a Teenager

by Ilinap on September 28, 2016

Parenting hits a road laden with potholes when your child joins the rank of teenager. The smooth, open highway of elementary school years give way to gravel roads as soon as the teen years begin. Gone are the halcyon days… There are new roads signs to heed when you’re on the highway of raising a teenager.

Stop butting in and let him make his own choices.


Not everything goes as planned.


Sometimes you need to exit the situation in search of some peace.


Know when to argue and when to let it go.


Slow down and absorb these days.


Pick your battles.


Set limits.


Even when you’re heading different directions, your paths will cross.


Teenagers are still kids at heart.


Accept the fact that your way isn’t the only way.


Consequences still matter.


There are going to be rough patches.


There’s more than one way to get somewhere.


Take a break.


Time flies.



This is perhaps the hardest sign to heed.


Together. #BlackLivesMatter

by Ilinap on September 23, 2016


Carrying arms is OK, but to be up in arms is not.

Bend over to take your punishment, but don’t bend a knee to protest.

Sit still, even when things don’t sit well with you.

History is not necessarily our story.

Shush they say, though the lack of speaking up is deafening.

Give up say those that don’t give a shit.

White privilege blackens our narrative.

Voting bills try to silence us, though our vote is our voice.

Suppress, oppress, regress. We fight on for progress.

Piece by piece they nick away at spirits, yet we fight for peace.

Pack heat to protect yourself, while others must pack it up.

“Move along, there’s nothing to see here,” they say to those who are seen as invisible.

We wallow in debt while they make us feel indebted just for the opportunity.

Make America Great Again grates on every fiber of our humanity.

With each act of force we will join forces.

Suck it up, no matter how much it sucks.

Flaunt your hearty grit despite your broken heart.

When they say shut up we should speak out.

Though you try to divide we march on together.

Your grievances are not legitimate. Good grief, what does it take?

Closed minds do not beget open hearts.

“Break it up!” they exclaim to those who are past their breaking point.

Bear arms but don’t bear witness.

The Right perpetuates all that is wrong.


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