Write to Those Doing the Right Thing

by Ilinap on October 23, 2017

I’ve spent my entire life writing to legislators, companies, and movie stars. I had written to President Jimmy Carter, Hamburger Helper, and Lucille Ball before I turned 12.

Decades later, I continue to write letters. I even taught a segment in my public relations class about advocacy and the role of social good in the marketplace. One of the exercises I had my students do was write a letter to a local, state, or federal legislator about any issue important to them. Fortunately, many students received responses, which triggered in them the power of citizen engagement. I hope at least a few of them will continue to use their voices and embrace the power of words. As a North Carolinian, I have gotten my share of hand cramps writing to my state legislators and senators these last few years.

Suffice it to say that I’ve been a supreme complainer.

In my defense, we have had many horrid issues to complain about – HB2, cutting art and PE in school, teacher pay, the loss of environmental protections, budget cuts… You see my point. What I realize is how little time I have spent applauding the work of those I admire and cherish. Here are just a few people I need to thank.

Governor Cooper

Attorney General Josh Stein

State Senator Jay Chaudhuri

State Senator Jeff Jackson

Sate Senator Floyd McKissick

State Senator Mike Woodard

Representative Graig Meyer

Representative Duane Hall


I am grateful for their voices and their values. All the folks doing the right thing, fighting the good fight, and leading the resistance, need to be told that we appreciate them. We must recognize their risks and sacrifices and thank them for their service. Let’s fill their inboxes with words of thanks and appreciation.

And by all means, keep writing those letters of resistance, too.

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