Jay Chaudhuri – Career Citizen for NC Senate Applauds President’s New Gun Violence Reduction Measures (#AsianMomBloggers)

by Ilinap on January 8, 2016

Every year the new year seems to start on a bit of a somber note. The vitriol abounds; the new year isn’t necessarily a new slate for many. I see my fair share of trolls and haters based on the content I post. I realize that comes with the territory, and after all these years my voice is not squashed. I continue to fight for children — providing global vaccines through Shot@Life, helping feed the hungry through the Cecilia Rawlins Fund, protecting kids from abuse through SAFEchild, and now, I’m committed to doing more with Moms Demand Action to curb gun violence and protect our families.

I’ve been planning the year ahead with particular attention to the elections this fall. The presidential election and the GOP circus detract from the vital issues in our community. Local races matter, yet the majority of voters continue to fall into the noise of national elections. Local elected officials have exponentially more influence on our daily lives. Local and state legislation thread together to weave our state’s story. Both citizens and elected officials tell the tale.

There’s no one finer to add to our state’s rich story than my friend Jay Chaudhuri. He’s running for North Carolina State Senate. Jay’s accomplishments are impressive, yet what really strikes me are his values. He’s a father and husband first, and it’s apparent he takes this role seriously. His commitment to his family and all families in our state is more than a glossy PR photo opp. Jay is that rare leader who is guided by equal parts heart and brain. His convictions are are fierce, and his drive fiercer. I appreciate that Jay is not a career politician. He is a career citizen.

Have a look at his recent press release about gun violence. In light of President Obama’s recent executive order, Jay shares his own perspective. North Carolina, after all, continues to weaken gun laws as part of the GOP’s plan to strengthen our great state. We all know those measures have done nothing but built a tall tale.

Chaudhuri Applauds President’s New Gun Violence Reduction Measures

Democratic State Senate candidate Jay Chaudhuri today lauded President Barack Obama for taking executive action to reduce gun violence, following Obama’s announcement that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will now require background checks for guns bought online or at gun shows. Chaudhuri also released details of his own plan for a common-sense approach to prevent and reduce gun violence in North Carolina.

“Gun violence kills someone every eight hours in North Carolina,” said Chaudhuri. “I strongly support President Obama’s efforts to curb gun violence, and as State Senator, I will push for common-sense laws that help keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

In addition to expanding background check requirements, the gun violence reduction measures Obama announced today include additional funding for ATF to improve enforcement of existing laws, investments in increased access to mental health care, and a renewed focus on gun safety technology research.

Chaudhuri supports similar measures at the state level: requiring a background check for all gun sales, preventing people on the terrorist watch list and domestic abusers from purchasing firearms, and making schools safer by funding more School Resource Officers.

Chaudhuri’s support for a commonsense approach to gun violence grows out of his record at the Attorney General’s office. As Special Counsel to Attorney General Roy Cooper, Chaudhuri designed an emergency response kit that has since been adopted by all North Carolina schools to help save lives in the event of a school shooting. He also led the Attorney General’s Campus Safety Task Force after the Virginia Tech shootings.

My friend Jay Chaudhuri is running in the March 15 Democratic primary election to represent District 16 in the North Carolina State Senate. To learn more, please visit www.JayforNC.com. Join me in supporting Jay. His convictions will turn to actions to rewrite North Carolina’s story.




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Bicultural Mama January 20, 2016 at 12:45 PM

I hope your friend Jay gets elected. He sounds like a stand up family man and politician. Happy New Year to you and your family, too!


Stephanie Huang Porter January 27, 2016 at 12:35 PM

I agree, local elections are where we can make the most impactful difference.


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