Summer Adventure List 2017…With a Twist

by Ilinap on April 23, 2017

Though it might seem like it, I never forget that I have a blog. I just forget to schedule time to actually write anything. There’s no shortage of ideas flurrying around in my head. Some are irreverent. Some are controversial. Some are whimsical. All are logged in a notebook that I carry around, yet so far, none has made its way to this space for a very long time. I miss writing. Sigh.

I’m starting with something simple to get my writing brain ticking again.

For years my sons and I have made a Summer Adventure List. It was admittedly a lot easier when they were younger and had fewer opinions. Back then they were energetic little boys who were delighted by the mist of the Museum of Life and Science and riveted by the felt storyboards at the weekly library story times. Now Bird and Deal are teetering on the cusp of 14 and 12. It takes more to capture their attention these days. Teen and tween years are hard, y’all. They want to spend more time with their friends, less time with mom. Based on the influx of hormones pinballing their way around the house, the same holds true for me sometimes. Ahem.

And the biggest shift this summer is that I’ve gone back to work. Full time. And I positively LOVE it.

However, adjusting to life with a working mom adds a different dimension to summer adventures. Gone are the days of eagerly hopping in the car for a trip to the zoo. Roaming the toy aisles at Target is no longer a valid way to kill some time on a hot afternoon. And gone are the days that I set the schedule and itinerary. This time, as the boys are getting older, I’m asking them for more input on what our summer looks like. Many of the things we have planned entail independent activities. Mac Daddy and I will certainly be around to act as chauffeur and chaperone. We will also make time to join our sons on adventures and help them learn to joyfully wallow in the luxury of boredom. I’m no idealist; I also recognize we will spend considerable time as referee and task master.

I’ve asked Bird and Deal to make a list of the following things to help guide this summer’s adventures. Together, we will map a summer that is based on what they want to do. There will be healthy doses of books, volunteering, experiments, putzing, and day tripping. We have a couple camps scheduled too. And of course, there will be loads of indulgences and multiple trips to Goodberry’s (We do obsessively check the flavor of the day), Amorino, and Pelican SnoBalls.

Things I Want to Learn

What I Want to Read

Where I’d Like to Volunteer

Places I Want to Visit


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