Thank You for Helping Haiti

by Ilinap on October 19, 2016

I should have taken pictures, but the image will be forever etched in my brain, and the corresponding generosity imprinted on my heart. My living room has been the staging zone for donations to Haiti. Friends and neighbors have left packages every day  on my porch.Bird and Deal have been opening boxes and categorizing items. Mac Daddy helped me pack, using every iota of free space. Tonight I stuffed the last diapers and wipes I could possibly cram into my bags. I have one large suitcase and one large rolling duffel bag bursting with donations to Haiti.

Thank you for the diapers, maxi pads, crayons, batteries, flashlights, medicine, first aid supplies, soccer balls, puzzles, games, sheets, and more. I am blown away by your generosity. No one even put their name on the order forms from Amazon or on the many boxes left on my porch so I don’t know whom to personally thank. I am simply thankful to know you. You are angels who show that in aggregate, every little bit helps. You, my friends, are making a difference.

There’s been nothing but love for Haiti. In a political climate brimming with hate, thank you for this reassurance that love does indeed make the world go ’round.

Many have thanked me for taking this trip, but I deserve no accolades. I’m not awesome for going to Haiti; I’m simply taking advantage of an awesome opportunity. Mac Daddy, my sons, and my dad and stepmother are making this all possible. I know this trip brings on some anxiety. I know it’s not easy for my family to see me off to a place they only know from the heartbreaking images they see on the news. Yet, they support me and turn their schedules upside down for me to go.

Much love to you on the eve before I leave for Haiti in the wee hours of the morning. I will be sharing updates here and on Instagram.

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