Trophy Brewing’s Next Best in Show – 5:00 Fridays TM

by Ilinap on October 18, 2013


My writing and time on the computer are still limited. I’ve been relying on Siri a lot. She’s a tish hard of hearing and cannot pronounce my name properly. Hmmm…sort of like my ex-father-in-law… Siri also has atrocious spelling. And most annoying is Siri’s constant need for repetition. Sometimes my ideas flow in a wave that is lost once it’s spewed. When Siri tells me she missed something it’s virtually impossible for me to recall what I just said. So fleeting are my thoughts. My moments of marvel are even rarer. Alas, Siri is my only secretary at the moment so I rely on her for most of my correspondence. My tendinitis is healing, but I am reluctant to pick right back up where I left off as if I were never in so much pain that I wanted to eat my own arm off.

So today I’m taking it easy. I thought I’d share a favorite local beer that hits the spot on those days that are equal parts summer and fall. Mother Nature is a fickle dame in North Carolina.

Next Best in Show – Trophy Brewing

I’ve written about Trophy Brewing before, but there are so many good beers there that it bears an encore. In fact, I’ve got some empty growlers at my house right now. I wonder if Siri can arrange a refill.

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