Menopausal Mother Nature – 5:00 Fridays TM

by Ilinap on February 1, 2013

5:00 Fridays TM

It’s cold. I’m a master of the obvious. Earlier this week we were sporting shorts (even me, and I’m always freezing unless the temps hit 82 at a minimum). Let me outline this for you.

Monday – 3 hour delay for school due to threat of freezing rain (Nothing happened, but we enjoyed a lazy morning and pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.)

Tuesday – sunshine and shorts, spring fever commenced

Wednesday – shorts, 70 degrees at 11:00 pm, tornado warnings, Oz-like winds that blew in my basement window, panic ensued

Thursday – cold, shorts put away, kids complaining about having to wear a coat

Friday – fuhreezing, blustery, even the dog was shivering on his walk

Mother Nature is clearly menopausal.

To ward off the chill and get some comfort on the Southern tundra, I’ll be heating up some bourbon tonight.

Menopausal Mother Nature
3 ounces cranberry juice
3 ounce apple cider
1-2 ounces bourbon
orange slice

Put all ingredients into a mug and heat it up (the lazy way, in the microwave). Or put everything into a saucepan and heat it up on the stove (too cold to opt for anything but the lazy way today). Plop in an orange slice to add some color and remind you of sunshine.

Through my chattering teeth I bid you a fine weekend and say chchchchcheeers!

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