Yes We Can AGAIN, North Carolina!

by Ilinap on November 2, 2012

The best part of being in Uganda was not seeing political ads. Seriously, have you seen the one for Judge Newby? My fever for this election did not wane while I was away. I had some great conversations with people in Uganda about our president. Students, hotel workers, and nurses all proudly spoke the name of Barack Obama. One particular hotel employee was so well versed in American politics that he could moderate a presidential debate. I even saw this T-shirt in one of the markets in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda:
While I was away, my fellow GASPers marched onward to reelect President Barack Obama. I missed the last meeting since I was on one of four flights in my grueling 20 hours of air time. But I hear it was a doozie.
In the words of our fearless leader, Carter Worthy, the closing message she delivered Tuesday night:


In 2008 President Obama brought us a message of hope and change and enthusiasm and belief that he could lead America back to her very best self. To that challenge we said to him 


But this election in 2012 is OH so very different. The ditch that George Bush drove us into between 2000 and 2008 was so deep that it has taken all of 4 years to begin to climb our way out. And yet, even amidst this daunting economic struggle, there is some very good news:

When the President took office, we were losing 800,000 jobs per month. Now we are adding 50,000 jobs per month. 


When the President took office, we lived  in a country where our gay and lesbian military heroes suffered under the draconian “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. Now they are free to love whom they love and continue to serve us with honor. 


In 50 years of trying, no American president, Republican or Democrat, has been able to reform the unjust health insurance barriers that have kept so many Americans from obtaining the care they need. But President Obama has dismantled those barriers, providing 30 million more Americans with health insurance, allowing children to stay on their parents policy, and doing away with the punitive exclusions for pre-existing conditions. 


But fellow GASPers, this election is not about Hope and Change. It is not about YES WE CAN. Now it is up to us to go on the defensive and to protect our country and the values we hold dear.

To Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and the entire Republican platform that hurts women, minorities, gays and lesbians, the environment, and in fact the whole middle class, we come together this year to say:


Mitt Romney, will you discard a quarter century of conservation effort to protect our air and water quality and open the floodgates for fracking, increased coal production, manufacturing pollution, Big Oil, and the dismantling of the EPA?   


Mr. Romney, will you gut our investments in education for the middle class in order to give millionaires another tax break? 


I ask you, Mr. Romney, will you load the Supreme Court with ever more conservative justices who want to overturn Roe v Wade and will uphold the catastrophic damage of the Citizens United case so undisclosed corporations and individuals can buy our American democracy?   


And finally Mitt, will you undo 50 years of equal rights progress for women, and replace that with an anti-woman agenda which could include outrageous intrusions on our personal freedoms such as forcing pregnancy for rape victims, requiring vaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions, eliminating contraceptive coverage in some of our healthcare plans, and denying a woman’s right to choose? Will you Mr. Romney? 


Sisters, we all thought 2008 was important. But let me tell you, never in our lifetimes has there been a more important election than the one next Tuesday. If you have not joined the ground game to get out the vote for President Obama yet, your time is NOW!

In North Carolina, this election hinges on the women’s vote. And Mitt Romney has no credible route to victory without North Carolina.

So speak up, step up, and sign up, to be part of history again as we GASPers join with the Obama team and our sisters across the state.

With your help, we can shock the pundits and prove the pollsters wrong by turning North Carolina blue in 2012!  



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