Tea Party in Wake County Schools Is Scary

by Ilinap on October 31, 2011


Know what’s really scary this Halloween?

Heather Losurdo and tea party ideologies on our next school board.

Kevin Hill is the voice of reason who brings his hands-on experience as an educator to our school board. Character matters. He is a man of principle, a refreshing trait in an otherwise ugly election season. Wake County deserves a productive, compassionate school board that respects all of our families and values all of our children. 

There’s a school board run off election for District 3 on November 8. To all my North Raleigh friends and readers, I urge you to cast your vote for Kevin Hill. If Heather Losurdo wins the school board seat, John Tedesco becomes our board chair, and Tea Party ideologies will undoubtedly influence our public schools.

Now that is what I call scary.

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