Healthier Meal Makeovers in The Motherhood

by Ilinap on March 6, 2011

Food feeds so much more than your belly. Grandmas the world over know that food is love. And you know that I love food. There was a time I could say “I love to eat” in seven languages. I could travel to every continent and be fed. Never mind that I didn’t know how to ask directions or find my way to a bathroom.

I post what we’re having for dinner pretty regularly on Facebook and Twitter. I write about food for TypeAParent and did a stint writing about food for a local media company here in town. I’m even capturing my “recipeless” recipe for a book I’m toying with. I’m handwriting those recipes because that’s how I roll. People often ask me for recipes, and it’s not that I won’t oblige; I simply don’t follow proper recipes so I can’t share the exact deets of what I’m cooking. If you understand the kitchen vernacular of dollops, pinches, and drizzles, then you can follow my recipes. My food blogger friends run the gamut from strict recipetarians to vegetarians to carbovores. While our outlook on food might differ, what we share is a love of all things food (I intentionally didn’t say “foodie.”).

Several top notch food bloggers recently hosted an online cooking class on The Motherhood (one of my favorite haunts). We chimed in with recipes, ideas, questions, and solutions about Healthier Meal Makeovers. We chatted about appetizers (how to find apps that aren’t heavy on the cheese!), main courses (some inspired vegetarian options that don’t involve pasta or tofu), and dessert (beyond ho hum fruit and yogurt). Check out the details of our class here. You’ll see tons of awesome recipes.

Here are a few of my faves that will grace my dinner table soon:

Kale chips (Market Restaurant in Raleigh has awesome kale chips! We love kale in our house; it’s a shame it’s so often relegated to be a garnish.)

Chicken chorizo no potato hash (I’m using soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s. It’s tasty when cooked with something but wouldn’t stand alone.)

Make Ahead Chocolate Souffle (Seriously, what’s not to love here?)

So check out the notes from our talk on The Motherhood and tell me what recipes you’re going to try.

Bon appetit!

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Chefdruck (Vanessa) March 7, 2011 at 6:23 PM

Hey there! Thanks for sharing my chocolate souffle recipe. And thanks for participating in the class! I loved your description of how you spice up hummus. Just recopying it in my summary blog post made me want it badly enough to head to the supermarket with 3 kids in tow to get me some hummus!

Let’s hang out soon.


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