Snow Day Home School

February 25, 2015

  I joked yesterday that I was going to homeschool my kids if this week were another snow day(s) bust. They’ve had one and a half days of school in the last 10 days. Ice and snow are North Carolina’s kryptonite. We are expecting more snow tonight and tomorrow so I suspect the kids will […]

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Snow Days -At Home and Helping

February 24, 2015

There’s a hushed tranqulity that blankets us as the snow blankets the park in front of our house. The gray green dying grass is revitalized by a cloak of snow. It’s oddly serene and calm. Even my sons have stopped bickering for the moment, both huddled under the comfort of their favorite fuzzy blankets reading […]

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My Frivolous Date with Oscar

February 22, 2015

Sometimes life begs for a dose of frivolity. While I dabble in tastes of frivolity on almost any given day, today is the grand buffet. The Oscars.  It’s my Super Bowl. For years I have watched all the movies in the big categories – actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, director, and film. When I […]

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All Winter in a Day

February 17, 2015

Ray Bradbury wrote All Summer in a Day, a book that has haunted me since I first read it as a kid. It’s the penultimate story of bullying and life as an outsider. I’ve sympathized with Margot, the main character, and continue to feel pangs of the pain and injustice Bradbury masterfully reflects.   What […]

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Dear Diary…Hate & Love Lists

February 16, 2015

I came across some old journals from high school. Oh man, that is always a good chuckle, despite the cringe-worthiness of my words back then. One of my favorite English teachers had us keep a weekly journal. He encouraged us to free write, make lists, draw pictures, whatever moved us. It was a chance to […]

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Persephone – 5:00 Fridays TM

February 13, 2015

I think Mother Nature and Persephone are keeping each other company these days. Mother Nature has not been answering my calls. I’ve asked for snow here in North Carolina (don’t hate on me, Boston). Since the only flakes we’ve seen have been in the legislature, I figured we’ll pass through winter without any wintry mix. […]

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The Everydayness of Things

February 10, 2015

We measure life in milestones. Sometimes I think it’s the unmeasured moments that tell a better story. We snap photos of birthdays, graduations, weddings, firsts of all kinds. Yet it’s in the everyday moments that our photos color a richer story. Sure, I line up my boys in their party finery to take a photo, […]

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I Don’t Care What My School’s Grade Is

February 5, 2015

Spotted at a school I visited in Kampala, Uganda. They get it. We should, too. Thursdays are my favorite day of the week. I get to spend time in Deal’s fourth grade class to help with writing. I get hugs and singsong accolades before I even step over the threshold. Even my dog isn’t this […]

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Handmade in NC – Vespertine Necklace Perfect to Show Your Love

February 4, 2015

Lots people have been asking about the necklace featured on the Handmade in NC Facebook page. I had this piece in my hopper to share later, but due to popular demand, I’ve fast forwarded to present this to you now. I bought my necklace at the City of Raleigh Museum. We gave our niece a […]

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Handmade in NC – City of Raleigh Museum & The Pope House

February 2, 2015

    Sometimes North Carolina gets pummeled in the news. Don’t be fooled. We are not a state moving backwards. We are, in fact, a state that is looking backwards to understand what’s shaped us and better grasp what is to come. Nothing captures the essence of Raleigh’s momentum and sense of posterity better than […]

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