Bird & Deal’s Toy Gift Guide

November 6, 2014

Tweet I’ve been delighted to have my marketing consulting and blogging worlds intersect in the aisles of Stone’s Education & Toys. This is our very own locally owned wonder emporium. Visiting the store is fabulous fun for all ages, and it’s always a chore to get my boys to scoot out the door. Stone’s offers [...]

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A New Generation of Jaded Future Voters

November 5, 2014

Tweet Congratulations, America! You’ve just jaded a new generation of pint-sized doubters and skeptics! When my sons woke up this morning they proclaimed it was a glorious day…not because of election results, for we are not feeling so glorious about that. They were raising their child-size fists in the air because there will be no [...]

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Car Talk Saved My Relationship

November 3, 2014

Tweet   True Story. Car Talk saved my marriage before we were even married. Hell, we weren’t even engaged. It was 1999, just around the time Mac Daddy and I were somewhere on the spectrum of being “on a break.” How puerile of us, right? Apparently we maintained our youth by acting like adolescents. One [...]

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November 2, 2014

Tweet Tuesday is ELECTION DAY. It’s like a national holiday, really. I waited in line for about thirty minutes with my sons to vote early since I am volunteering at the polls on election day. I have taken my kids to vote with me in every single election. I was downright giddy waiting in that [...]

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Blood and Sand – 5:00 Fridays TM

October 31, 2014

Tweet You didn’t think I’d let Halloween pass without a special cocktail, did you? Craig of Crude Bitters penned today’s post. I hinted in yesterday’s Handmade in Raleigh post that you could expect a crude awakening today… <<Insert evil laughter here.>> Holiday-themed cocktail drinks can always be tricky, especially Halloween mixed drinks because they usually [...]

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Crude Bitters – Handmade in Raleigh

October 30, 2014

Tweet It’s always great to hear the great tale of a hobby sparking a flourishing business. I can see the shine of passion in the eyes and smile lines of every business owner I meet who is doing exactly what he wants. I met up with Craig Rudewicz of Crude Bitters recently. He exhibits the [...]

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In a Quandary? Make a game of it!

October 28, 2014

Tweet My nine-year old son Deal says that people who want to grow up to be President should play Quandary first. He thinks it teaches important skills like listening, weighing other people’s opinions, changing people’s minds, and finding a solution that helps the most people. Well, since Deal has played Quandary and is first generation [...]

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Vote for Lucy Inman! NC Court of Appeals

October 27, 2014

Tweet There’s one thing we must not take for granted. Justice. We need people to serve the public who are smart, fair, and experienced. Political races often focus on high profile candidates, though it’s no secret that the hyper local races affect us the most profoundly. We need to participate in politics and exercise our civic right [...]

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Homemade Sour Mix – 5:00 Fridays TM

October 24, 2014

Tweet Let’s talk about sour mix. Forget the too tart, too treacly sweet stuff found on grocery shelves. Citrus season is upon us so let’s make use of all that juicy goodness. When you make it at home, you control the ingredients so that means no food dye, high fructose corn syrup, or other nastiness. [...]

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Southern Smoke BBQ – Handmade (near) Raleigh

October 23, 2014

Tweet This week’s Handmade in Raleigh is sort of a stretch, but I wanted to pay homage to some fantastic fare that’s handmade close to Raleigh. It would be a disservice to my readers to not give this place a shout out. I connect with people over food. I really love those kindred spirits who [...]

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