Feeling Testy

March 27, 2014

Tweet “I’m thankful Case 21 testing is over.”   Every night before we eat dinner we hold hands and say our “thank yous.” The only rule is that we can’t say anything about getting material things. Last night Deal said, without hesitation, that the one thing he plucked from his day to be thankful for [...]

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Hoos Gonna Win – 5:00 Fridays TM

March 21, 2014

Tweet     I’ve been giddy with Virginia pride all week. My Virginia Cavaliers are the #1 seed in their region in the NCAA tournament. It’s been a long time coming for us Hoos fans. I grew up in Charlottesville and went to college there, so a part of my heart will always be in [...]

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#1 Seed Virginia Cavaliers!!!! – Wordless Wednesday

March 19, 2014

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Golden Anniversary

March 14, 2014

Tweet Today is our golden anniversary. 14 years on the 14th. The fact that it is also 2014 is auspicious, no? We should have woken up to glittery confetti and fanfare. Scratch that. I hate a mess. Instead, I woke up without my husband next to me. The crumpled white sheets were empty, except for [...]

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Still Playing With This 8 Years Later – Wordless Wednesday

March 12, 2014

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Opting Out

March 11, 2014

Tweet I challenge you to find one person who likes standardized testing. That person cannot be someone who profits from said testing. Neither teacher, nor parent, nor student supports these tests. Administrators don’t either, but they’ll never admit that to you. The feds have their hands tied. Well, I’m fed up. I’m testy about this [...]

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Clem – 5:00 Fridays TM

March 7, 2014

Tweet     The worst thing about winter for me is the lack of fresh fruit. Okay, it’s not really the worst. Suffice it to say I hate everything about winter. Except the boots. I do love me some boots. Around here we eat our weight in citrus. I always have a bowl of clementines [...]

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Tormented from an Early Age – Wordless Wednesday

March 5, 2014

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20 Reasons to Support SAFEchild

March 3, 2014

Tweet     SAFEchild, Wake County’s only child abuse and treatment organization, is commemorating its 20th year this year. I shan’t say “celebrating” because it’s simply heartbreaking that our community even has the need for the existence of this organization. I proudly serve on SAFEchild’s board and have seen firsthand how families benefit from the [...]

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Classic Greyhound w/ a Flowery Twist – 5:00 Fridays TM

February 28, 2014

Tweet I’ve been going through my closet recently. I realize just how sentimental some clothes can be. I still have a pair of jeans from high school. They are threadbare and tattered (and still fit!). I am quick to part with most everything else. It’s been a literal and emotional purge for me. The items [...]

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