Shot@Life Summit – Where Tribes Meet

March 10, 2016

When I am at the Shot@Life Summit I am with my tribe, my people, my girls. These are like-minded, smart, passionate women who yammer about the same issues at their dinner table as I do at mine. I suppose we annoy our families and friends in the same way, but when we are together there’s […]

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He Named Me Malala Film to Air Commercial-Free on NatGeo 2/29

February 24, 2016

Educating girls is not a woman’s issue. My own son wanted to raise money for girls’ education after we visited a village school outside Kolkata on our trip to India last year. He’s just 10-years old yet sees the value in educating girls. In a recent letter he wrote to the United Nations, he stated… […]

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Imposter Parenting – #AsianMomBlogger

February 24, 2016

Do you ever feel like you’re in that Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime and wonder how you got here? Sometimes I look around and have an outer body experience. This is especially heightened when I find myself sitting in those tiny hard plastic chairs in my son’s classroom for parent/teacher conferences. I squat […]

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Harper Lee Lives On

February 19, 2016

Atticus, Scout, and Harper were all on our baby name list. A proud parenting milestone came last summer when both Bird and Deal read To Kill A Mockingbird. Like so many others might say, it’s the one book I can read over and over again without skimming. Bird read my tattered old copy from high school with […]

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Snow Angels

February 15, 2016

Whenever it snows I’m taken back to the third grade in Roanoke, Virginia. I don’t remember my teacher’s name, but I can vividly recall the classroom. It was tucked in a corner so there were extra windows. We enjoyed glorious streams of sun and daydreamed as we stared out the window at the breeze lifting […]

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There’s No Badge for Being Busy

February 10, 2016

In my fancy corporate job there was the vice president who sent a cab to pick up her sick 10-year old daughter from school. Then there was the advertising agency owner who asked me if I really wanted to have this baby…when I was nine months pregnant. And I would be remiss to omit the […]

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A Republican Comment on a Democrat’s Blog

February 8, 2016

          I have a friend from high school who doesn’t often agree with me. Our lives and outlooks are oh so different. He lives in a rural area, while I live in the city. He’s an outdoorsman. I don’t hunt. He’s a gun owner. I’m not. He’s conservative. Clearly, I’m liberal. We […]

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NC Citizens — Help Remove Punitive Standard 6 From Teacher Evaluations

February 1, 2016

  Nothing gets me testier than testing. As you might know, I served on the North Carolina Statewide Task Force for Summative Assessment. If you’ve ever proctored a high stakes EOG test, you’ll know what a dismal experience it is for students and teachers alike. My own sons refused the test (no official opt out […]

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Snow Days Spark New Reverence for Teachers

January 28, 2016

We missed a couple days of school here in North Carolina. We had more ice than snow, and regardless how much Northern driving experience you have, there’s no way you’re getting around safely on a highway that’s morphed into a skating rink. And so we hunker down. It’s expected once a year down in these […]

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Making A World of Difference, Starting in the Classroom

January 25, 2016

There’s been a lot of chatter in the media about helicopter parenting and raising kids with empathy. It seems we have upon us a generation of entitled kids who don’t know how to cope or feel or dare I say, behave. Mac Daddy and I have always believed we are raising adults, not children. The […]

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