Measly Measles?

January 30, 2015

Tweet I have faith in science. I trust my medical professionals. I don’t succumb to conspiracy theories. I believe in vaccines. I spent ten years volunteering with pediatric bone marrow transplant patients. They ranged in age from just a few months to 17. All of those kids had immune systems so compromised that they could [...]

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Handmade in NC – Claire Ashby

January 29, 2015

Tweet I’m not one to go gaga for Valentine’s Day. One time someone gave me sweatpants as a Valentine’s present. You know, the thick sweatshirt material kind with elastic at the ankles. Um, yeah. I suppose that experience soured me on the whole treacly Valentine’s “holiday.” You should know that this same person gave me [...]

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Text Support

January 27, 2015

Tweet It’s no secret that social media takes some nasty swipes at our self esteem. The braggart parent can make us feel small and unaccomplished. Those women who praise their kids ever loving gloriousness all the damn time make us swell with angst. Or is it just me? My head tells me to stop being [...]

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An Open Letter to My Best Girl’s Beau

January 21, 2015

Tweet Dear Beau, Beau is so much better than “boyfriend” and connotes more fondness than “partner.” Don’t even think about taking on the moniker “lover” or I shall laugh until whiskey comes out my nose. Beau seems fitting, no? This much is true about our girl – she’s tough, yet tender. On the B side, [...]

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We still have a dream…

January 19, 2015

Tweet   Taking the boys to see Selma in a bit. Feels like a good way to honor the day. Free digital slideshow customized with Smilebox TweetShare

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Orange Syrup Mimosa – 5:00 Fridays TM

January 16, 2015

Tweet As you know, I love me some bubbly. Way back in our pre-kid Sunday-mornings-with-the-paper days, Mac Daddy and I used to indulge in mimosas as we lazily lounged. Good grief, we need to revive those days.  A friend gifted me a jar of luscious orange syrup, the result of her homemade candied orange slices [...]

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North Carolina Task Force Takes On Testing

January 15, 2015

Tweet   Image credit: D Sharon Pruitt There are pitter patters of change clicking through school hallways. The test refusal tide is swelling in places outside of New York. Parents’ voices are finally resonating. Teachers pleas are taken seriously. And administrators are focused on students first. There is no disagreement that testing has gone haywire [...]

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Western Media Fails Us

January 13, 2015

Tweet I grew up in an age of television without remote controls or cable. I remember when the television was an actual piece of furniture. Like many families back in the day, my dad came home from work and tuned in to the news. No one really monitored what flashed across the screen before us. [...]

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Roasted Squash Soup Is Antidote for Rainy Day

January 12, 2015

Tweet   It was a rainy, cold day. Even the dog didn’t want to go out. I told the kids at breakfast that I was making soup for dinner. I got some eye rolls, but those are so commonplace these days that I took no notice. It irks my family when I talk about dinner [...]

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Something Bubbly – 5:00 Fridays TM

January 9, 2015

Tweet One of my favorite college memories is of a random, scraggly bunch of girls playing Pictionary in the common room of our dorm. We were spent and eschewed the typical weekend revelry of fraternity parties and social misfitting. We sat around in our sweats and played boardgames, still one of my favorite pastimes. My [...]

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