In the New Year, Don’t Give Up

January 8, 2015

Tweet I’ve been reticent to write anything to usher in 2015. I took a break over the holidays and rather enjoyed being more lurker than sharer. The new year holds such promise, yet I crumble under the pressure such promise brings. There is so much to live up to, and as it is, I don’t [...]

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Last Minute Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful

December 22, 2014

Tweet There’s no need to brave the crowds and scrooges out there. So what if all shipping deadlines have passed? There’s still time to get gifts in time for Christmas morning.  This Holiday season, give the gift of an experience. I prefer to spend my money on adventures rather than things. Everyone I know has [...]

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Drink Local. Gift Local. – 5:00 Fridays TM

December 19, 2014

Tweet Drink local. Gift local.  I’m stealing this idea from Mac Daddy. He’s a man of many talents, you know. Mac Daddy has a colleague who’s new to our state. This guy appreciates a good brew, so Mac Daddy figured the gift of some Carolina beers would be perfect this holiday season. I don’t how [...]

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It’s OK, It’s Christmas

December 18, 2014

Tweet The stressful pangs of Christmas creep are upon us. There is no merrymaking in town these days. The mall is positively the worst place to be this time of year. I’ve witnessed more than one parking space smack down, and those women toting giant Tory Burch bags will use those gold logo medallions as [...]

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Handmade in North Carolina – Emily Brooks Designs

December 17, 2014

Tweet Emily Brooks is a local Renaissance girl among artists. She’s smart, savvy, talented, and ever so gracious. Emily just might be Raleigh’s It Girl. She hails from Raleigh and calls it home again after a stint in New York City. Emily studied at Wake Forest University and went on to FIT to learn textile [...]

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More Me in 2015

December 12, 2014

Tweet There’s a frenzy about the holidays. Some of that frolicking is fun, though in all honesty, most of it saps the joy from the spirit of the season. The mall is positively the worst place to be this time of year. Ditto for weekends at the grocery store. People are snaggled toothed messes this [...]

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Krupnikas – 5:00 Fridays TM

December 12, 2014

Tweet Tis the season…for Krupnikas. It’s not really holiday season until the Krupnikas lands on my bar. I generally like my Krupnikas served over ice in this ever so cute whiskey glass from Crate & Barrel. It’s meant to be a neat sipper, but I like a little something to clink around. This honey liqueur [...]

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Handmade in North Carolina – VAE Holiday Market

December 11, 2014

Tweet           The ultimate Handmade in North Carolina extravaganza is coming soon to a gallery near you. That is, near you if you live near me…in Raleigh. VAE is hosting its fantastic annual holiday market this Sunday, December 14 12 – 4. Art, pottery, textiles, jewelry, T-shirts, handbags, and more will [...]

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Size Matters

December 10, 2014

Tweet People disregard anything I have to say about body image because I’m small. I am small in stature, small boned, you name it. I weighed 90 pounds before I got pregnant with my first child, and literally gained half my body weight during pregnancy. I joked that I looked like a hippity hop ball. [...]

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My Christmas List of Extravagance

December 8, 2014

Tweet Sometimes I daydream about being a superficial tart who wants more than a world of healthy and happily fed children for Christmas. It’s true that I want for nothing, and I try not to lose sight of that. Yet I am admittedly vexed with the consumerist gene and do enjoy a shopping spree. Let [...]

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