Wendy Davis Stands Up to Support NC’s Next Senator, Deborah Ross

September 15, 2016

Tweet Talk about someone who stood up for women’s rights! Literally. In 2013 Texas State Senator Wendy Davis famously stood in her Mizuno sneakers for a 12-hour filibuster to halt the passage of a Draconian anti-abortion law. One champion of women and families is coming to support another champion of women and families. Our United States Senate needs […]

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15 Years Later

September 11, 2016

Tweet 15 years. Paradoxically, it seems a lifetime has passed since that blue skied morning, yet it also tugs at our being as if it were just a blink ago. We, Americans and the World together, look upon this day with a deep sense of reverence. It marks a moment when the world came together. […]

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4H – Hurricane Hermine Housework Hiatus: 5:00 Fridays

September 2, 2016

Tweet   A storm is brewing. They call her Hermine. Every one of us sees this and thinks “Hermione.” Amiright? To prepare for the storm I made a quick trip to Ace Hardware. Lest you think I’m handy, allow me to correct you. The likes of Hermine in these parts require no battening of hatches. […]

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Happy 13th Birthday, Bird!

August 29, 2016

Tweet I was a rotten teenager. I believe in karma. That means that beginning today, my life is about to become infinitely more challenging. Today Bird has entered the kingdom of teens. Today, Bird is 13. He was a lad of four when I started chronicling our lives and opining on this blog. So much […]

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Pimm’s Cup to Toast National Women’s Equality Day

August 26, 2016

Tweet Today is National Women’s Equality Day. Never mind that we share it with National Dog Day. There’s an unsavory bitch joke somewhere there. Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t heard one yet. Look, I love my rescue dog, but we really can’t get any respect, can we? There’s one simple thing that all of us […]

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Pay Attention & Be an Ally

August 8, 2016

Tweet Here’s what I’d like to see more of: Noting when things are happening in places that don’t intersect with our comfort zones. Just because something doesn’t affect us directly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care. By all means, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t at least pay attention. We can expand our world view and boost […]

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Home of the Free (Labor)

July 25, 2016

Tweet Some of the same people who say we shouldn’t ask for handouts or ask for anything for free are asking me to provide free work. As in, use my talent as unpaid labor. I’ve been out of college for 25 years, but it seems that some businesses want to use me as an intern. […]

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Words & Deeds to Heal the Schism

July 19, 2016

Tweet There’s a schism in this country. Strike that. In this world. We are being torn apart by the limbs while some twisted spirit in the ethers looks down upon us cackling. These are not the age old war, famine, and familiar strifes we have known through the passage of time. This schism is intersectional […]

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Reflections on the Setting Sun

July 11, 2016

Tweet The problem with a sunrise is that it happens too early in the morning. The sunset, however… Now that’s a different story.   A sunset is time for reflection. A sunset reminds us that one day closes, as if it were Mother Nature’s etch-a-sketch shake. A sunset means a fresh day follows, a chance to […]

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Community Comes Together to Support Backpack Buddies

June 30, 2016

Tweet There is nothing more beautiful than a community coming together to help its own. The world has been brimming with sad news of late. Here in North Carolina the tales from Jones Street continue to be the stuff of nightmares. It’s all the more heart wrenching when our state’s children aren’t looked after and […]

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